When do I make a will as a millenial?

We usually define a millennial as someone born from the early 80s through the mid-90s.  I’m one, and most of us don’t think about dying as much as we think about getting to work on time, making house payments, and feeding children or even before that, when to swipe left.

So why start working on the business of dying when there is so much living left to do?  Without delving into morbid statistics, there are good reasons to prepare a will even if you are okay and also if you don’t have a lot to your name.

First, you should do it for the people you love.  A will is one more time that people can hear from you after you are gone.  Even if you bequeath someone your computer or a doll collection, to be thought of by someone after they are gone is a good feeling.

Second, you will feel better after you do it.  I promise.  Every will I have seen finished ends with happiness.  A feeling of completion and a sense of control sets in around an area that doesn’t often give people feelings of control.

Third and finally, when you die, your stuff goes to your family through the laws of intestacy unless you have a will.  Millennials just aren’t marrying like other generations.  If you want your partner to get anything after you die, you need to spell it out.

If you don’t have much, a form will might be enough.  You can fill it out and get a lawyer to look it over.  If you have significant assets, it is worth consulting an attorney because of probate and other issues.


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